A 10Kg Postpartum Weight Loss Transformation

Total Weight Loss: 10Kgs (94Kgs – 84Kgs)
Duration: 12 weeks


“Losing that postpartum weight can be a big challenge. And can really be very depressing at times. A big salute to all the new moms to take up that challenge to transform themselves along with taking care of their new born and work.

Here is the transformation of a client who suffers from Diastasis Recti; DR (abdominal separation), and still managed to lose 11kgs through healthy diet and exercise.

Although DR correction would require a separate rehab plan but losing those extra kilos was equally important. And she is still continuing her journey for DR correction further. 😊

Let’s see what she has to say about her journey…

“I delivered my second baby in October 2020. I put on more of postpartum weight by February 2021. I desperately wanted to loose weight but wanted to do it thoughtfully as I was breastfeeding too. Then my sister recommended MyHealthBuddy. After browsing multiple posts on Instagram, I decided to sign up for the program.

Prakriti was my buddy and she is so sweet. More than a health coach, a true buddy. She made sure I get enough calories as I am breastfeeding too. Also, the exercises she suggested were so easy and completely doable. I would definitely recommend this program for new moms.

Two takeaways from this program:
1. Staying constantly active.
2. Important to eat healthy and balanced meal.”




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