Aakanksha Embraced A Better Lifestyle And Lost 16 Kgs

Client Name: Aakanksha
Total Weight Loss: 16 Kgs (82-66Kgs)
Duration: 24weeks



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Really excited to share the transformation story of one of our warrior clients, Aakanksha!

A jovial person at heart, Aakanksha belives in achieving an all rounder happiness in a world where most of us just keep imaging ourselves having that thin slim look and ignore the mental peace and happiness.

As she kept conquering all the ups and downs of her journey, this is what Aakanksha has to say about her transformation so far 👇

“When I came across MHB through Instagram, I immediately knew this is my calling. I still remember my first call with my buddy and the questions she asked me made me rethink on my life choices and decisions.

A transformation journey is supposed to shape you and equip you mentally, emotionally and physically with new habits and a changed routine.

I had lost 20kgs already under different coaches previously and that helped me as I had already picked on some good habits. However, because of the generalised Anxiety Disorder and PTSD, things have never been too easy as I tend to lose track.

This journey with MyHealthBuddy transformed me in the most holistic way and helped me make up better habits and not depend on wine and chocolate for instant pleasures. I now have healthier habits in my routine and a better lifestyle to abide by!

My experience at MHB is Priceless. ❤️


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