Abhilasha’s Impressive & Inspiring Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Abhilasha
TotalWeight Loss: 13Kgs (103Kgs – 90Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“My journey began when I saw my little sister doing the magic. I thought let me try this too.!!!

Being in medical field I always recommend ppl for balanced diet but couldn’t follow it.

Practice what u preach was a myth in my lifestyle 😅 Then I enrolled myself and got Gaurav as my buddy.

He formulated a diet chart as per my need.

Trust me after 2 days of his DIET I was scolding him as I was getting full meal🤣 which was more than my usual intake.

So THIS CALORIE DEFICIT DIET TOTALLY ROCKS.!! It made me so energetic that I could happily begin my next week with exercises designed for my abilities.

And voilaaaaa just like that my back pain disappeared in span of 10days.!

Transforming myself from 103.4kgs to current 91kgs has been amazing.

With hectic life every body seems to look for fast life.! Not giving much thought behind what v eat. Whenever I had doubt or dilemma, Gaurav came to rescue..anytime of the day and any day of the week.

That helped me alot. Someone being there to take care of my body with equal amount of love and responsibility infact more than what I did🤣

He is there quietly cheering me at the end of the day. He made sure I was energetic and active throughout these 90days. Keeping me sane and content with food and adequate amount of exercises was his main goal. I did not believe how easy it feels to do this once we r determined and have a buddy like him wit u.!

I would totally recommend MYHEALTHBUDDY for anyone who is aspiring to become fit.

Let’s work together and make earth a little lighter🤪😝

Can’t wait for my 2nd innings to begin.! Thank u so much”




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