Aditi Makadia’s Inch Loss Transformation

Name: Aditi Makadia
TotalWeight Loss: 8Kgs (80Kgs – 72Kgs)
Duration: 24 Weeks


“During my pregnancy I had to gain my weight it’s in 4 to 6 month is normal gained weight however after that in 1 month 20 kg gained. I was shocked and asked my gynecologist dr. But He said, focus on your child not on weight. My weight reached 55 to 90kgs.

I am artist cum Dr. I do professional modeling, albums, movies and handle my naturopath ayurvedic yogic science center. BUT My weight & heavy body always feel embarrassed. I lost my confidence.
Through my deaf sister she apprised me about MHB. And I have taken immediate decision from my weightloss program and wants more thin & healthy.

When I have joined 1 month went and During 2nd wave of Corona period, I was positive however, my diet plan was working I have done my many works in our home my servant stopped work at our home owing to Corona.

So I can say my healthy habits were Usefull to me surviving in this condition through MHB. 💪. Even in Corona’s situation, I didn’t feel weak. And I didn’t even have a fever. 💃🤷‍♀️🧘‍♀️✔

Many hurdles hustle bustle situation occurs but “I never Give up.” I always push on my self and my binita mam also support me aditi you can do it. You have to reach your goal. We are Still continuing…

My goal is 55 to 58.
Now, I reduced my weight 8kg. 80 to 72. And inches lose too much you can see in my pictures

“Abhi to Ye trailer tha… picture Abhi baki hain Dost…”

Once again thanks To MHB and Binita mam. I am fully satisfied with you..👌
I will be continue again next month’s and will reach my target 55.”




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