Aditya Dharman’s Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Aditya Dharman
Total Weight Loss: 6 Kgs (75 – 69 Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I am proud to share my Transformation Story here today with all of you. The transformation you see in this picture is beyond what I got. When I say ‘transformation’, that includes my mental status and routine of life as well. This is my 12 weeks story. A story which has just began. I am grateful to MHB. Now I know the funda to be happy and healthy.

MHB gave me a wonderful coach. A coach who was patient and practical. Remember that science teacher from school who would clear doubts of most curious nerds from class, my coach always had convincing answers for every question I had during this journey.

12 weeks back, I was sad. Not because I was overweight. My Sedentary Lifestyle made me lethargic. It affected me in all way possible. Today I know, all it takes to keep you positive is just get up from that damn bed and walk. Oh yes, somewhere we underestimated the power of walking.

It is not hard. If I could do it. Even you can. Once again, I thank you. I thank MHB. I really needed this push in life.”




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