Akanksha Deo’s Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Akanksha Deo
Total Weight Loss: 17Kgs (72Kgs – 55Kgs)
Duration: 24 Weeks


“Most people in my family are heavier side. So I was aware that my body reacts to fat if I don’t take care of my food intake. I realised this after my graduation when my weight shoot up to 60 Kgs in a year.

Later due to some deficiency, I somehow lost 9 Kgs and lot of hair. I then decided to take care of my health and maintain my weight. But, like all other people, I also believed in weightloss myths like detox water, eating boiled vegetables, following salad diet, avoiding rice and ghee etc.

Since I was having unnecessary restriction on myself, I used to binge eat whenever I used to get a chance. Due to all this, I started fearing this weight management thing and this became my biggest apprehension about pregnancy.

I was pretty sure that I would gain atleast 20 kgs and my body did not disappoint me. I did gain exactly 20 kgs.

That’s when I got to know about MHB and enrolled with a lot of doubt. I wanted to loose weight but did not want my milk supply to get affected. Then Asheesh explained me how one can loose weight with just homemade food. I got Binita as my buddy and everything changed after that.

I not only saw the scale going down every week but the other issue like back ache, hair fall, fatigue etc. were also started disappearing. I got a hope that I can do this transformation. The diet never felt like diet and the workouts were fun.

Below are the key learnings in these six months👇

– You do not have to starve, eat boiled food/salad or drink weird detox drinks to lose weight. So, you can eat ghee wali roti and rice everyday and still loose weight as I did

– You do not need to avoid any food group e.g. rice, ghee, bread etc.
– You can not loose fat from any one body part.”




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