Anjali’s Quest For A Fitter Physique

Client Name: Anjali
Total Weight Loss: 8 Kgs (59-51 Kgs)
Duration: 3 months



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“I am glad that I came across MHB , when I got to know from a friend of mine 3 months back. Initially I was a bit reluctant in joining but then I decided to with a thought ‘dekhte h kya hoga’ and it was one of my best decision I have ever made.

Shivangi, was assigned as my coach and for the first time when we both talked , it was so nice to hear her sweet voice and in that 40-50 minutes conversation she got to know that I am only concerned about losing weight , so she told me not to focus on just losing weight but your goal should be to focus on how to develop healthy habits in your life and to maintain it and make a part of your daily routine.

She had always been there in this transformation journey with all the motivation and support . Initially I thought I will have to give up on my favourite foods, as happens if you diet but it wasn’t like this with the meal plan provided .

It was a simple meal plan which included basic meals, which you can easily cook or get and I never felt starved with the food I used to eat like generally happens when you start dieting.

It was more of getting healthier version of yourself with workouts and walk, which helped you improve physically and mentally.
What I learnt is that how to do ‘ Portion Control ‘ and not like giving up on the food .

I am actually grateful to Shivangi , who helped me like anything in achieving this transformation.

She is an ultimate coach , I never felt like I am talking to a coach , we always have talked like friends and bonded really well. Thank you ‘MyHealthBuddy’ for this .”


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