Ankita Loses 6 Kgs With Small Changes In Her Diet

Client Name: Ankita Mohanty
Start weight: 60 Kgs
End weight: 54 Kgs
Duration: 24 weeks



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“I came across MHB via Instagram. My journey with MHB and my buddy Ashwasana has been an enriching experience.

I had never believed that I could ever loose weight considering the lifestyle I was following. Honestly I am very lazy and working out rigorously , following diets which were like punishing myself was not my cup of tea.

Thanks to my buddy and MHB for actually showing me that to reduce my weight or fat I just have to make small changes in my daily routine to get to my fitness goals. Thanks a lot Ashwasana for always being there to support me and answer all my inhibitions . You are a great coach. Thanks for being there.”


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