Annie Lost 19 Kgs By Home Based Foods & Workout !

Client Name: Annie Kaki
Total Weight Loss: 19 Kgs (92-73Kgs)
Duration: 24 weeks



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“Like everyone I discovered MHB through Insta. Initially I was skeptical, especially as someone living away from India wondering how it would work out. But I thought I would give it a try. And am glad I did.

Shivangi became my buddy. She helped me understand the basics of food, nutrition and exercise which were set the ground for me. Especially as someone new to working out and following a specific dietplan, she made it seem challenging yet doable at the same time. The first few days were extreme difficult, but once I got the hang of it, my body felt lighter and I was able to enjoy doing it.

It surely does feel good once you start losing weight. I’m still learning not to base everything on the weighing scale but to be consistent and enjoy the process.

Through ALL of it, Shivangi has been a constant pillar of support. I probably asked thousands of questions(about food and exercise) in the past few months to which she has been extremely patient not only in answering but showing me how it all works. Not only support, but she did gently rebuke me too (in her words, pyaar se) when I was too preoccupied with the results on the scale or when I ate less or when I dint take a break day.

She trusted that I wouldn’t cheat on my meals and gladly encouraged me to have some when I was down. She has indirectly shown me not to take for granted something that’s always available to you. I felt like I gained a wise friend.

Thank you MHB! God bless.”


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