Anshu Garg’s Journey To A Toned Body

Name: Anshu Garg
Total Weight Loss: 3Kgs (54Kgs – 51Kgs)
Total Fat Loss: 40% to 29.5%


“After a 8 month long monotonous weekly strength training program at a local gym, I was in a desperate search for a trainer who could help me with a holistic exercise routine. And that is when I found Ishav through a mutual friend’s Instagram story.

Ishav had always given me programs that made feel excited and nervous. Her thrilling exercises changed my attitude. There were moments when I literally didn’t care about the results at the month end. I was simply proud of myself that I was trying something challenging.

She always made sure to introduce exercises that made me look forward to the sessions. I never believed in numbers (numbers= weight), however I always had an issue with untoned body and bulging fat. After connecting with Ishav, my body feels better and as a bonus my self confidence, self esteem and self motivation are the best they have been in a long time.

Exercise and proper diet has become a lifestyle now. Messing with either of them doesn’t feel okay. I cann’t recommend Ishav highly enough! She has taught me so much about healthier choices in my life. She has a happy positive attitude and I can tell she enjoys helping people live healthier lives.

She also modified exercises to accommodate an ankle I sprained at work. She is there for her clients via phone or text. I had personally texted her when I needed encouragement and she was right there, texting me back. Give Ishav a call, you won’t regret it!”




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