Anu Jose’s Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Anu Jose
Total Weight Loss: 6Kgs (72Kgs – 66Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I was a very active person who did workouts, dance, running etc and maintained correct body weight (55 kg) until I got pregnant with my baby girl. I started eating for two since then as I thought it is required for my baby’s growth and nutrition.

I gained a whopping 72 kgs post-delivery which I was not able to shred at all. I tried some crash diets for some time and got back to overeating, late-night eating, the inclusion of junk foods etc which always gave me a bloated feeling while I work sitting for a longer period of time.

My dress size went from small to xl and that gave me too much depression and my energy level was also loosing and Started getting health issues.

I always made some excuses like work load at office, house chores, baby care etc was consuming my entire day and was not able to find any time to exercise just for convincing my mind.

Once while I was browsing through Instagram, I saw MHB profile and trainer’s profiles and started following them. I started to develop a magical attraction and admiration to Ishav’s Instagram daily stories and informative contents. This new year(2021) as lockdown continued, I made up my mind to enroll under Ishav and transform my body.

Ishav was more like a dear friend to me who listened to all my issues, gave me the correct guidance and support, and my diet was very fulfilling which she had worked based on what food I eat.

I am ever grateful to Ishav for making me more confident, energetic and helping me to understand about calorie deficit. My current body weight is 66.2 kg, reduced dress size from XL to M and all thanks to Ishav.

I am extremely happy for this journey and the decision I had taken. Now, I have inculcated a healthy lifestyle which I would stick to forever.”




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