Anuradha Sheds 13 Kgs Of Postpartum Weight

Client Name – Anuradha Sinha
Total weight loss – 13 kgs (107-94 Kgs)
Duration – 24 weeks



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“I am a mother of a 1 year 5 months baby girl, was overweight when I conceived, n after delivery was very desperate to get back into shape. But was asked not to follow any diet as I was breastfeeding n still am.

Because I was overweight, I was facing various issues. One day while scrolling Instagram, I came across a post of a lady sharing her fitness journey with the help of MHB. So I decided to give it a try.

My coach is Varsha Khatri , who has undoubtedly given a new direction to my whole lifestyle. I started in June, in the middle of my journey n have lost nearly 13 kgs n there is more to go. Varsha has always given me that strength n confidence when I was not ready to get up.

More than me she is sure that there is more to go. It is difficult for a new mother who is also a working women to manage so many things but it’s not impossible.


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