Anusha Balachandar’s Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Anusha Balachandar
Total Weight Loss: 9 Kgs (73 – 64 Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I came across MHB when I was desperate in loosing my post pregnancy weight, I had my baby in last year and I was far from ready to get back to shape and was browsing my options and due to lock down it made more difficult and finally I got in touch with MHB team and I was assigned Vivek as my buddy.

We had a brief talk about what I want and what my goals are and set up a meal plan and from then there is no looking back I had my up’s and down’s and would share it with Vivek he would motivate me along the weight loss journey and also give me all the tips. Soon I was able to see weight and inch loss and all thanks to Vivek I have a good relationship with food now and the whole perspective of how I see myself is changed in a positive way.

I would definitely recommend MHB to whoever has 2nd thoughts in approaching them and even refer Vivek as your trainer he is an amazing guide and very transparent and easily approachable.

Thank you Vivek for being my buddy who not only helped me to get back in shape and but also gave my confidence back.”




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