Anusha’s Inspiring Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Anusha
Total Weight Loss: 7 Kgs (70 – 63 Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I started my fitness journey last year but was at a point where I wanted to learn the basics and fundamentals to make it a sustainable lifestyle change rather than just a short term weightloss journey.

I came across MHB and Kriti on Instagram when I was looking for nutrition (specifically Indian cuisine!) based fitness coaches.

I must say I have found my buddy Kriti play very critical part in moving my scale and changing habits for better at the same time!

She makes every effort to develop a plan that fits my busy routine and never hesitates even if she has to design a new one every month. It’s been three months and I am taking it slow as my bandwidth allows without worrying about fast results.

And she makes sure my slow and steady journey is actually impactful and truly results oriented in long term!”




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