Anwesha’s Transformation Recipe

Client Name: Anwesha
Total weight loss: 5Kgs (63 to 58 Kgs)
Duration: 12 weeks



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I came across MHB on Instagram and wasn’t sure at first. Then I enrolled and the plan was actually amazing.

I remember telling one of the coach in the starting that completing 10k steps everyday seems difficult for me as I have a desk job. And they told me it’s all about priorities. That is when I realised that even I can do it.
I used to workout almost 5 days a week and made sure to complete 10k steps.

The diet was also very doable and didn’t really restrict me from anything, which was great. The moderations in my lifestyle are something that I’m thankful for.

My coach Suchita guided me throughout and motivated me everyday. Her touch points with me made me more disciplined towards the program.

I even took trips in between but I knew I can complete my steps and eat everything in good proportions, and also make healthy choices.

I’m thankful to Suchita for coaching me, I will continue this routine in the future and lead a healthy lifestyle


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