Aparajita Lost 30 Kgs By Calorie Deficit And Home Workout


Pre pregnancy weight- 84 kgs.
Post-delivery weight – 76 kgs.
Weight (2 years post baby)- 65 Kgs
The Climax-Current weight- 54 kgs



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“I had hypothyroid since 2010 and have been convinced that this is the reason for my weight gain, though I have never been skinny since childhood.

I was never a big foodie but given the travelling job profile had no choice but to eat whatever was available and of course tasteful and fast- and this became the problem.

The weight gain was so gradual that I never realised till I was about to touch 90 kgs.

However, in 2017, 3 years after marriage, I dropped good 17 kgs by following just calorie deficit without much knowledge of food quantification and endless cardio- resorted to 30k steps in a day- did almost 5 hours of walking and sprinting causing lot of knee pain, skin becoming loose and dry, hair fall, nails getting brittle, and the list goes on.

Post-delivery weighed 76kgs which eventually increased to 83 and I again resorted to GM diet, Intermittent Fasting – OMAD, Keto, so basically you name it and I did all the fancy diets available on the net- resulting in my Thyroid shooting up.

No amount of cardio, running, fasting would budge the weighing scale. Then I started reading the benefits of a balanced diet.
So even with Thyroid I was eating cruciferous food and soya on a regular basis and saw the scale moving and inches dropping.

The introduction to Quantified Nutrition along with resistance training starting from body weight to now graduating to resistance bands and dumbbells have even dropped the stubborn inches.

The icing on the cake is my Thyroid Levels are absolutely in the normal range and I am off medication from past 6 months!!!

Moral of the story-There are no shortcuts to achieve your healthgoals. Consistency and patience is the key!!!”

– Aparajita


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