Archana Lost 19 Kgs By Home Workout !

Name: Archana Bora
Total Weight Loss: 19 Kgs (98-79Kgs)
Duration: 24 weeks



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“First of all thank you so much MHB for helping me in losing my postpartum weight. I would like to share my transfomation journey .

During pregnancy i gained almost around 25 kgs weight which is huge. It was a very challenging for me to get back to pre pregnanacy weight. I was so worried about my weight because i have never gained so much weight in my life. People started telling me oh u have gained so much of weight u are looking like a aunty and what not. I was not able to wear my fav clothes as i was not getting fit into it .

Then One day i was just scrolling down instagram and saw about mhb i saw amazing transformation of peoples and thought of giving it a try and this try was the best decision i have taken.

I got Shivangi as my coach she is soo good and very down to earth and i felt lucky to get shivangi as my coach. Firstly she asked me about my eating habits my lifestyle what i eat and all and as i am lactating mom and a mother of 8 months old baby so keeping in mind all these point she made a very simple dietplan which was very easy for me to follow no fancy food just the homemade food . she was so cooperative and understanding.

She cleared all my queries and doubts even it was silly one. Whenever i felt low she always motivated and encouraged me and by his motivation i lost around 19 kgs weight in six months .

I feel super energetic and confident and all credit goes to Shivangi for helping me to get back in shape. Thank you soo much Shivangi and you are the best❤️

Lastly i would like to say-
‘Arise awake and stop not till the goal is achieve’”


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