Ashima’s Consistent Postpartum Weight Loss Journey

Client Name: Ashima Jain
Total weight loss: 8 Kgs (76-68 Kgs)
Duration: 12 weeks



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I was skeptical about my post pregnancy weight whether it would go away or will remain with me ever.

As i always used to be fit pre pregnancy so i was in a lot of stress on seeing that i wont be able to look like before. I was quiet fascinated with MHB transformations as i used to see the end results that they share and one day i decided to go ahead and enroll myself too.

I took this challenge for myself and began a journey. I was consistent and could remain consistent because of my coach. She was always after me for my meals and step count and workouts.

I am really thankful to mhb program and my coach Garima. The journey is still on!!


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