At 54, Shalini takes charge of her health and looks 10 years younger

We started with an argument about how this plan will workout?

“I don’t think that I would be able to loose weight with this plan” were the exact words of Ms. Shalini Robert Dass when I proposed the plan I wanted to start with her.

It took me some time to convince her about the plan and there was no looking back once she started with it…

She is an amazingly disciplined client that every coach wishes for… The actual motivation for her was to look younger and fit into dresses thats she wished to wear on her trip to Dubai for her bday and that motivation worked like magic for her… She always had doubts and queries about her diet and i think thats where she won half the battle. At the age of 54 she has achieved what other people cant achieve at the age of 24 and all the credit goes to her dedication and her quench to ask rather than assume.



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