Mamatha Loses 8kgs Of Postpartum Weight

Name: Mamatha Total Weight Loss: 8 Kgs Duration: 12 Weeks View this post on Instagram A post shared by MyHealthBuddy (@myhealthbuddy) ________ “I wanted to be more active and strong after my delivery and was needed extra push for myself ,so I was searching for some program/coach online who will help me to loose those […]

Swetha Drops 8Kgs in 8 Weeks In Her MHB Journey

Name: Swetha Total Weight Loss: 8 Kgs (84 – 76 Kgs) Duration: 8 Weeks View this post on Instagram A post shared by MyHealthBuddy (@myhealthbuddy) ________ “I started my journey on May 10th and weighed 84.4 kgs. I was overweight for my age and height. Although I tried many diets and plans earlier, within no […]

Sandhya Yadav Drops 10Kgs In 3 Months

Name: Sandhya Yadav Total Weight Loss: 10Kgs (78Kgs – 68Kgs) Duration: 12 weeks View this post on Instagram A post shared by MyHealthBuddy (@myhealthbuddy) ________ “Hi Jeet, So as this journey of 3 months comes to the end, I would like to Thank you for being there in this. I know that I am a […]

The Art of Flexible Dieting: How Dhaval dropped 11 kgs in 3 months

DREAM.. BELIEVE… ACHIEVE..! I am sure everyone would have come across this Quote. This is exactly one of my Client – Dhaval Chaudhari did. He wanted to become fit and healthy, believed in the process and smashed his goals. Surrounded by scrumptious Gujrati cuisine ( Fafda jalebi, Thepla, dhokla 😋), he did not give up […]

Making a strong decision at 40 – Sudeepa’s transformation

Another transformation by our buddy Gaurav Bansl 😎👏🏻👌🏻👍🏻 Making a strong decision at 40, Sudeepa Basu has had an amazing journey. Thank you so much for taking the program so seriously 🙂 Please read below her experience in her own words.  “I am new to the journey of fitness not because I took up a diet plan for […]

Is Lack of Sleep Making Us Fat ?

Lack of sleep is one of the major causes for obesity and Type II diabetes and we are just scratching the surface. A recent study at University of Leeds showed that participants with disrupted sleep had higher blood glucose levels even when they did not make any changes to their diet. This brings focus on […]

Healthy Fats We Should Eat

A balanced diet should have all nutrients in right proportions and with the popularity of good and bad diets some nutrients are considered unhealthy for us so we omit them from our diets without thinking much. Fats and their role in the body is commonly misunderstood mainly because our body uses them as energy reserves […]

Fiber dilemma: Dal and Roti diet

Indian diet is rich in quality fiber needed for a good gut health with lentils and wheat being a part of staple diet for most of us. The trouble is eating fiber rich Indian foods is that they come packed with carbohydrates as well . Importance of fibre has been long known in keeping our […]