Avina’s Postpartum Weight Loss While facing Diastasis Recti

Client Name: Avina Shrivastava
Total weight loss: 11 Kgs (64 – 53 Kgs)
Duration: 24weeks



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“Joining MHB was a very big question in my mind , had many doubts will I be able to follow plan , will diet impact my breastfeeding , is it too early to think about myself ? i had my motherguilt.

I thought i ll give up if it will imapct my baby but thankfully after my first interaction with my coach it was great relief . He took all the required detail and ending call by saying consider me your friend and I should find time for myself also .

Once he shared the dietplanĀ I was relief it was no extra effort, it was all about home food within portions . I started to enjoy my walks and had a motivation to increase my step counts to maximum .I had good result within a month that was such a great joy .

Tabish is very helpful , he always pushed but in a gentle way keeping in mind about my DR . So it was coach’s correct guidance about food & exercises that I am in a position to fit in my prepregnacy clothes .

thanks coach Tabish šŸ˜€”


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