Bavyasri Drops 7 Kgs And Gains Confidence !

Client Name: Bavyasri
Total weight Loss: 7 Kgs (56 Kgs – 49Kgs)
Duration: 24 weeks



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“When I came across MHB on Social media platforms, I wasn’t believed at first by seeing the transformation of many people. But to the same MHB, my sister had joined in august & not at the end of 3rd month but I started seeing the changes in her mid-transformation, being in her busy schedule she has reduced a good amount of weight.

Before joining the program I do go for a walk some days and gets bored/demotivated to do it continuously and I stopped going it. It was completely irregular. So my family members & friends used to tell me that I never do anything completely. I was easily given up.

But now that I’ve finished my course!! Now I’m really proud of it. I started going for walks & working out 4-5 days in a week without a break in the last 6 months and it’s become part of my routine, which I’m really happy about it.

Not only about the transformation, but it has completely changed the way I used to be from excessive eating, sleeping, and changes in my daily routines and lifestyle as a result of this program.

I started my journey from 56 kgs to 49 kgs now. Reduced 7 kg’s, improved my strength, endurance and confidence in 6 months!

So, yeah!!! here’s my Buddy – Athul 😉

Whatever the walking/exercise/diet – whatever it is. But without his support & guidance, nothing is possible.

As constant support from day one till today, only his words motivated me to achieve the target. He is such a sweet person who conveys things in such a way that motivates me to keep things consistent. He never pushes me hard to do any exercise /diet. If I ask him “Can I have this today as a snack, is it fine? “ He always tells, Anything is fine to have!!!”

Such a COOL COACH, Athul.

Thank you very much to my coach Athul & MHB 🙂😇”


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