Bijitha Drops 13 Kgs Of Postpartum Weight

Client Name: Bijitha K
Total weight loss: 13 Kgs (73-60 Kgs)
Duration: 12 weeks


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“The idea of joining MHB came from the fact that I still looked pregnant after my child was born. I think I had unrealistic expectations about how long it would take to look like myself again. But once I enrolled and got Garima as my coach it was indeed a great decision made! 🤗

At first, losing weight wasn’t really on my mind – I was more interested in taking care of my newborn daughter, I was breastfeeding, but after few months, I wanted to do more to get back into shape.

After starting with Garima and MHB, I started eating a lot more protein, like soya, paneer, meat and chicken. Having more high-fiber foods and vegetables , made a huge difference; I stopped having hunger spikes during the day. I kept a bottle of water with me at all times and drank at least eight to 10 glasses a day -this helped both my weight and milk supply!

One of my main concern was the milk supply. Whether my weight loss plan will affect my baby with less supply. But in fact to a surprise my supply has increased 😱

My best advice as I Learnt from the Program with Garima and MyHealthBuddy, when you come home from the hospital, it’s easy to feel really overwhelmed. But it’s really a matter of thinking positively as much as you can. Just do some form of exercise, no matter how small. On days where we didn’t have time to walk for a whole hour, I made sure to take a 10-minute walk after dinner. Any form of activity is better than sitting on the couch, and it helps keep you refreshed. 🤩😍

Once again thank you Garima and MyHealthBuddy from the bottom of my heart , you guys really did what was seemed impossible 3 months ago ❤️”


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