Binita Lost 18 Kgs In Her Journey For A Fitter Physique



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“This is not a standard 3 month or a 6 month comparison. This is not even before and after. This comparison is to show what happens after “after”.

During Pregnancy I had gained about 12kgs in 2016. Post partum addition of extra ghee laden food didn’t help me maintain my weight much. I piled on another 2kgs. A whopping 14kgs gain, from 60 to 74-75kgs.

I probably would have gotten around my aesthetically distorted body but I just couldn’t wrap my head around the new found aches and pains and huffing and puffing and panting.! Here I was, a new mother, so tired and fatigued, I wondered how I would play with my son when he would start growing. I won’t lie. I also now strongly wanted to get back in my shape.

After 3 months of stopping myself from starting any vigorous, I started working out from 4th month. I had no idea about how nutrition played an important part, no idea how to eat (used to get very hungry due to lactation), what to eat, how much to eat. I just knew one thing, I wanted to do it. So every morning I did workouts. Consistently and Religiously. When my son turned 1y/o, I had successfully dropped down to 60-61 again. In a couple of months I dropped down to 58kgs. That was in 2017.

3 years from then to 2019-2021 , I have not only managed to keep my lost weight off but also managed to better my body composition in addition to losing 3-4 kgs more.

I lost weight in 2017 but I started getting fitter when I started challenging myself everyday to get better. I had to come out of my comfort zone and I had no one to guide me.!

Some of you may say that 3 years to lose 4 kgs!! – that’s a lot if time. Yes it is. And my body deserves it. Knowing it is constantly working for me, it deserves time to relax and unwind too.


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