Can women consume whey protein?

Introduction  Protein is a key macro nutrient that our body needs. We need protein for building and repairing tissues,for production of hormones and enzymes, for muscle strength and muscle mass and to maintain a healthy immune system. The protein requirement varies from person to person based on multiple factors such as age, activity level, eating […]

PCOD & Thyroid Diet: Hormonal Balance & Weight Loss Tips

What is PCOD? Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a medical condition that affects women in their reproductive age. The reproductive system of women is primarily controlled by 5 hormones estrogen, Gnrh, fsh, progestrone and lutenizing hormone (LH) The imbalance in hormones leads to irregular or prolonged menstrual cycle, excessive body hair, acne, weight gain, hair loss […]

Sugar, Honey, Or Jaggery – Which One Is Healthiest?

Sugar is considered an integral part of our life when it comes to food. After waking up, we grab a cup of coffee or tea with sugar. Then this process of sugar consumption continues the entire day either by adding it to tea or milk or by consuming it indirectly through various food products such […]

How To Measure Progress When You Hit A Weight Loss Plateau

So you started a new plan, you’re sticking to your diet, eating your veggies and protein, and doing your workouts. You see your weight loss coming along great initially, but you find that over a period of weeks, the decrease in weight has slowed down. Motivation only lasts for a little while unless you see […]

How To Stay Healthy When You Travel

Travel is often associated with a time window when we feel entitled to go off plan and eat whatever we want, as though there’s no other choice. However, those who want to continue to make progress in spite of jumping on airplanes (or jumping OFF of airplanes, if that’s your thing), here are a few […]