Can women consume whey protein?

Introduction  Protein is a key macro nutrient that our body needs. We need protein for building and repairing tissues,for production of hormones and enzymes, for muscle strength and muscle mass and to maintain a healthy immune system. The protein requirement varies from person to person based on multiple factors such as age, activity level, eating […]

6 Ways How Protein Helps in Weight Loss

With the rise in economic status, the world is getting urbanized rapidly. With urbanization, obesity has now become a worldwide health problem. A lot of comorbidities, namely cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and osteoarthritis, are associated with obesity. While obesity can be caused by multiple reasons, Lifestyle conditions like overeating and a lack of […]

Can eating eggs increase your Cholesterol?

Eggs have been a dietary staple around the world for centuries. Not only are eggs delicious, but they also offer a rich source of essential nutrients. However, concerns have been raised about their impact on cholesterol levels and heart disease. Eggs are a dietary source of cholesterol, with approximately 186 mg of cholesterol per egg. Due to […]

Sugar, Honey, Or Jaggery – Which One Is Healthiest?

Sugar is considered an integral part of our life when it comes to food. After waking up, we grab a cup of coffee or tea with sugar. Then this process of sugar consumption continues the entire day either by adding it to tea or milk or by consuming it indirectly through various food products such […]