Healthy Fats We Should Eat

A balanced diet should have all nutrients in right proportions and with the popularity of good and bad diets some nutrients are considered unhealthy for us so we omit them from our diets without thinking much. Fats and their role in the body is commonly misunderstood mainly because our body uses them as energy reserves […]

Fiber dilemma: Dal and Roti diet

Indian diet is rich in quality fiber needed for a good gut health with lentils and wheat being a part of staple diet for most of us. The trouble is eating fiber rich Indian foods is that they come packed with carbohydrates as well . Importance of fibre has been long known in keeping our […]

Big Belly : How to get rid of it ?

Abdominal obesity is widespread in India where it is common to see a bulge above the belt walking around in corporate districts. A good measure for this kind of obesity is waist circumference and waist to hip ratio and people with a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index ) could also be obese due to high […]