Chandni Drops Impressive 12Kgs In This Amazing Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Chandni
TotalWeight Loss: 12Kgs (71Kgs – 59Kgs)
Duration: 24 Weeks


“I am utmost proud to know that , I am being asked to pend down about my transformation journey !

So to start with , I always wanted to lose my weight , be fit and be in proper shape ! But lack of proper guidance , lack of knowledge and majorly lack of dedication to complete things always came on my way! May it be gym, may it be yoga , May it be dietitians I have been everywhere ! But got no results ..

Then I ended up getting information about health buddy on Instagram ! Tried to know more about it and then thought to give it a try. And there it was , a view of wonder to people , that how did I lose so much weight!

I always told people I ate everything but in proper quantity as guided rightly by my health buddy Gaurav Sir ! Very much thankful to him to guide me about everything! Always being back of me to eat right, to eat good and having utmost patience to help me achieve this !

His belief and cooperation is commendable! Losing weight helped me so much! Helped me regain my confidence in public , helped me look good and fit ! Also improved my health to a good extent ! I use to face back problem ! But with right exercise and food guidance ! I am completely fit now !”




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