Danish Chose Hope Over Physical Disabilities [Watch Now]



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In Coach Tabish’s words :

Initially I was little worried how I would help Danish as he is permanently disabled – wheelchair bound, with quadriplegic (have issues with both legs and ability to grip)

But BEST part about Danish is grit and determination. He was 100% consistent about
proper diet and proper workout updates daily without a fail… solute to him:

What Danish has to say about his experience 🙏🏻:

I happened to come accross MHB by chance in Instagram.

Scrolling through the many transformation stories and the tips/advices by the buddies got me convinced to sign up for the program.

Perhaps it was more convincing because MHB is realistic and nothing fanciful or overhyped.

I have been trying really hard to cut down by body weight since few years but have been partially successful.

My buddy Tabish, helped me achieve the impossible. A well structured dietplan and following it the T helped me to shed those extra kilos and get fitter.

I truly am amazed with the power of a correct diet (ofcourse along with the will).

I already have lost 6 kgs within 8 weeks my program.Not only the diet, but Tabish designed my workouts considering my physical limitations.

Thank you MHB and Tabish.


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