Deepti Sheds 9 kgs Of Postpartum Weight In 12 Weeks

Name: Deepti
Total Weight Loss: 9Kgs (97Kgs – 89Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I saw Ishav on instagram and i saw that she was expert in postnatal weight loss and care and wanted to be under her as i put on lot of weight during my pregnancy so i waited till 3rd month of postpartum as my milk supply was established and wanted to loose weight without loosing the supply.

So i contacted MHB and got ishav my trainer .when i spoke to her she asked me so many questions regarding my pregnancy, delivery, food i eat etc (so that she could prepare the exercises accordingly)and explained me how protein is so important and gave me the diet from the items i eat but controlling the portions.

She is lovely to work with ,she will always be there for you and answers every doubt you have .. her exercises are low impact but gives the results that are needed . my dr came down to 1 from 3. i could still see the results even when sometimes i did not follow the diet.

Any one who wants to be under ishav just follow her exercise and diet and you will get amazing results. Thank you Ishav”




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