Devika Lost 11 Kgs And Improves Her Life As A Mother

Client Name: Devika KN
Total weight loss: 11 Kgs (70-59 Kgs)
Duration: 12 weeks



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“I typically used to be a slim person who never gained much weight. However, after 2 deliveries I gained almost 13 kgs which was really shocking for me.

Like many people, I also started searching for weight loss programs, and contacted many organizations. However, none of them felt convincing enough to me. Then I came across the MHB page on Instagram. The transformations and the experiences shared on the MHB page seemed very promising to me and I finally decided to opt for the 3 month plan from MHB.

My Buddy – Athul, gave me full support and his encouragement helped me stay within the plan most of the days.

The MHB plan was absolutely trouble-free and was something that I could easily adopt into my daily routine. Being a mother of 2 small kids and living in a joint family, I had requested Athul that it would be difficult for me to adhere to a plan or diet that requires extra efforts or cooking specifically for me. But thanks to my coach Athul who came up with a dietplan that barely took me 1-2 weeks to get comfortable with.

Being a postpartum mom, the exercises that were suggested were very light and I was able to do them more or less 5 days a week inspite of my busy schedules. I was also asked to complete 6k steps a day which was increased to 9k per day towards the end.

Surprisingly, as feeding mother, this plan even helped in improving the quantity of milk my baby received, which I actually could not achieve even with the post delivery medication/doctor’s prescriptions.

Overall, in this journey, Athul has taught me that all we need to do is to stick to a balanced diet and have just enough discipline in our daily lives to achieve these goals and live healthy.

I am a very very happy client and I whole heartedly recommend MHB and my buddy – Athul


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