Divya’s Inspirational Weight Loss Journey [Watch Now]

Client Name: Divya
Total weight Loss: 7 Kgs (76 Kgs -70 Kgs)
Duration: 24 weeks



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“Before I joined MHB I tried all sorts of things to lose weight.. I went on walks, tried yoga, went to gym also tried the Chloe ting workouts which were trending.. and after a few weeks I would look into the mirror to see the changes or would ask my friends and family if they see any changes in me.. and that’s where my body images issues began, I began depending on others validation on how I looked in certain clothes.. But I failed to realise that the change was not visible because my diet,routine and consistency were not present. I had made up my mind that I was never going to be able to lose weight.. and then I came across MHB while surfing Instagram..

Like all of you I had my own thoughts before enrolling but I decided to take a chance.. and then began my journey with my coach Athul.. I told him all my disabilities.. as a new born I underwent a major surgery which would make me a bit handicapped from my left side body.. but by gods grace the effects were not that great but it still left me with no strength on my left arm so much so that I could not even lift a mug filled with glass to water my plants.. my hand would shake uncontrollably

When I used to go to Gym I’d be ashamed to ask for support to lift weights because they were hardly 2kg or 3kg and yet the gym trainers would casually say “Aarey isme kya support chaiye” when I told this to Athul he was so supportive and understanding of it he motivated me throughout.. and he took it upon himself to make sure that I can lift those dumbbell’s one day and surely I can say that today I can easily lift 3-4 kgs it’s still a long way to go.

Athul made me realise that you don’t need to put your body through exertion and pain to lose weight.. it can happen by following simple home workouts1 and a simple diet.. infact it never felt like I was dieting 😉


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