Durga Subedi’s Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Durga Subedi
Total Weight Loss: 11Kgs (72Kgs – 61Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I was always a chubby girl since high school and I made efforts in order to loose some extra kilos at every stage of my life and it worked too but I could never sustain it and gained more than I used to loose.

I came across MHB in March 2020.
And it is shocking that it took me one complete year to finally enroll as I was not able to convince nobody but ‘myself’. And then finally in March 2021 I got into it.

Subia Khan was assigned as my coach who was so welcoming on the very first call from which I got a good idea that this journey is going to be life-changing.

Subia you’ve been always more than a coach and I mean it, a mentor, a friend, and the way she scolded me on my mistakes like an elder sister, I loved it.

And among all the transformations I used to see on the MHB page, I always searched for her name as trainer because I know she is so good at her work. She is very polite, positive, flexible and she has solutions for everything.

I lost 10kgs in 12 weeks!!!
My old clothes don’t fit me anymore (they are very loose). I am more confident, more comfortable and active. My cervical kind of neck pain is upto 80% settled now. I feel more muscles in the body and some bones too (which were lost inside since long)😉

Isn’t that enough to describe great efforts and amazing work done by my Coach Subia 😍🥰

MHB has totally changed my perspective towards so called ‘diet’ and moreover I have learned some life lessons from Subia for which I am truly grateful 😇 Thank you 💖💕”




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