Garima’s Inspirational Journey Of Losing 23 Kgs



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Starting weight : 78 Kgs
Current Weight : 55 Kgs

Weight loss in itself is a huge challenge but it becomes even more tormenting for new mothers like me who witness this sudden change in their body. I felt the need to get back in shape after two kids. However, with the constant stress and hectic schedules, it was not easy to shed weight.

This happened with me post 2 Pregnancies with Gestational Diabeties and Thyroid Issues along the way.

The extra kilos brought in joint pain, constant fatigue. It was then I decided that I had to lose weight for good health.

Goal setting was my first step where in the Bigger goal was divided into smaller goals. Year after year, month after month, I kept achieving the small little goals and just kept going. Started under proper guidance by eating clean , making healthy choices, eating balanced in great proportions. Made Protein my top priority without skipping my carbs 😊

A key factor in weight loss journey journey is learning just how much you are really eating and adjusting the calories, factoring in the snacks that were sneakily adding up throughout the day.

Started small in terms of workouts like 15 minutes twice a week and then build up to longer, more intense workouts as you get stronger. Also remember, that in order to lose weight efficiently, “you don’t need to be working out EVERY day. It all comes down to how HARD you go for it when you do.”
Started with 5000 steps a day , keeping myself well hydrated throughout the day and building up slowly to 10K steps a day , but taking it slowly one day at time!

I feel so much lighter, and I don’t mean physically, but, I just have so much more energy, I’m more positive.

Always Remember to go for a Relaxed and Flexible approach when losing weight.

So remember, Don’t overdo it Girls !!


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