Gurpreet Drops 18 Kgs In This Inspiring Weight Loss Transformation

Client Name: Gurpreet Kaur
Total weight loss: 18 Kgs (81 to 63 Kgs)
Duration: 24 weeks



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“Sometimes it’s so difficult to write the story you want to share with others as one is filled with so much emotions and gratitude for the efforts that somebody (my buddy Garima) has put in to make you healthy and happy.

For me MyHealthBuddy has been a life saver as I was struggling to fit in even XXL cloths due to my post pregnancy weight and now i can even get in M sized cloths. So, it’s kind of unbelievable but it’s reality.

My buddy/ coach/ friend/ life saviour ‘GARIMA’ has been so wonderful throughout my journey with MHB in motivating me in achieving my goals. She has planned everything in consideration of me being a lactating mother.

She inspired me in every possible way to made me stick to the diet plan and to exercise as per the plan. Whenever I say that want to eat a Parantha or something sweet, she never stopped me and provided me with an alternative/modified meal plan to suit my cravings and need. I must say I am a very annoying person and one who ask so many questions and to my surprise she never felt annoyed while answering to my queries and responded in the sweetest way.

All I can say is THANK YOU GARIMA🥰🙏 for being such a wonderful coach/ friend to me. As with this journey of 24 weeks with MHB I felt so elated with all the weight I have lost and the confidence I have gained with simple changes in the diet.

Again a special mention to Garima 👏for helping me lose 18 kgs of weight and being the point of discussion in office and in neighbourhood for the weight I have shed. Thank you GARIMA🥰😘😘 thank you MHB.”


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