Harini’s Inspiring Transformation From Size XL to M

Client Name: Harini Patel
Total weight loss: 12 Kgs (69 to 57 Kgs)
Duration: 24 weeks



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“I Joined MHB in August 2021 my weight was 69kg and today iā€™m 57.

I made right decision to join MHB and it not only helped me in losing weight,but also good diet with proper nutrition. I thank you Medha (my trainer) for supporting me at each and every stage of my journey and for showing me the right path.

She even made me push my limits and to transform into a stronger person than before because of her efforts and motivation I have able to loose weight and inches.And she helped to regain my confidence.

Previously, when I was 69kg I use to wear XL cloths and today Iā€™m fitting into M size cloths.

I am so thankful to you for all of your encouragement and motivating me at each and every stage of this journey.šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜”


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