Haritha Lost 5 Kgs Through Her Customizable Mealplan

Name: Haritha
Total Weight Loss: 5Kgs (74-69 Kgs)
Duration: 12 weeks



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“I have been trying to lose weight for a long time. I have tried many diets and workouts but didn’t get any satisfactory results.

When I first came to know about MyHealthBuddy, I was kind of skeptical about it first. But my first interaction with my Buddy Arpita cleared all the doubts I had in my mind.

I was beginning to experience something I had never done before.
My mealplan was so simple and customized that I didn’t even feel like I am on a diet.

The workout plan was very well organized and tailored to my progress. In the initial days, I was disappointed since there was no drastic movement in the weight scale as I expected.

But Arpita always had my back, and she taught me a healthy lifestyle doesn’t always mean a reduced weighing scale. Then I started focusing on my inchloss, which was improving considerably.

I am so grateful to MyHealthBuddy for helping me understand what I lacked all these times – The right approach towards a healthy lifestyle.

When I look back to the amazing three months I had, my greatest learning is that weight loss is not a limited time target. It is a wonderful journey where you get to improve yourself every day, both mentally and physically.”


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