How Nagaveni eliminated PCOS and downsized her wardrobe

This is not just a TRANSFORMATION but a TRANSITION post!!

While we are enjoying scrumptious gujiya’s 😋, here is a brilliant transformation of one of our client – Nagaveni Ghatkey. This has not just been a physical transformation but a complete 180 degree change in her lifestyle.

Dropping down to smaller size clothes and most importantly getting rid of PCOS, the journey has been overwhelming so far. With lot of patience,self control, making the right choice of food,controlling cravings has helped her become a much more confident person.


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Here is it in her own words-

“ Eating right, staying active , being kind to yourself and positive thinking is what it takes to achieve your goal.. My weight loss journey in last 8 weeks loosing 11kg has been an wonderfully experience… Thanks to Vivek from MHB for all the coaching and guidance. It’s just a beginning … Trust your body, embrace the change and stay positive. “

There could be endless reasons not to start your journey- after festival, birthdays, busy schedule, travel and the list is never ending. There is never a right time until you decide and prioritize what is important for you. Make your health, your body the priority because this is the only place you have to live in. 😊



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