How to Start Running, When You Have Never Run Before!

Running in India is not as common as in western countries or some African countries. Although it is not such a common exercise activity, areas like Gurugram, Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR) are the most preferred running in places in India. Here are some simple ideas you should know before you start running at these places.

What to do first ?

Are you interested in running? Do you know how to run? Most people think that running is that putting one foot in front of the other, then repeatedly repeat the process as quickly as you can. Although this might be true, there are other reasons why knowing and learning running techniques can be of importance for beginners. Improper running, especially for long distances, such as marathon and trail run, can cause serious injuries to your body

How to avoid injuries ?

Before running becomes viable, your body needs to have a base-level of fitness. Before you think of strapping your new pair of running shoes and going for a run in these places make sure you have proper knowledge and techniques you need to use. Every time you run, it’s for the benefit of your health and fitness, but when you take that step, you put pressure of your entire body on the joints, muscle, and tendon in your legs, knees, feet and toes. Woe to you if you have improper running techniques and overweight the pressure increases. Proper running techniques reduce injury risk.

Warm up before starting to run

Before taking that first stride, you need to properly warm up. Get your body prepared for the rigors running for either the trail run or marathon by doing a dynamic warm up. Avoid stretches as it increases the risk of injuries. Dynamic warm up is important for your running exercise.

How to run properly ?

Running techniques are very different from just taking a step after another, it includes which part of your foot hits the ground first, your posture during the run, the angle of your knee and so on. Techniques are the most important things to avoid injuries. You don’t need fancy shoes because they can’t protect you from injuries if you have no running techniques.

Running is an outdoor fitness exercise that promotes good health and fitness. Delhi, Gurugram, and National Capital Regions are the most popular and safest place you can run in India. Remember to warm up and acquire running techniques when you start running.   


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