“I am a changed person and I have started loving myself more.”

“Everybody has a different journey so do I. All that matters is the results u get. And happy to say that being in a public dealing I come across people who compliments the visible transformation I have been able to make with the help and support of My health Buddy Gaurav Bansl.

I had the pleasure of meeting Gaurav As my assigned buddy through my health buddy this summer in April 2018 when I contacted them for nutrition and weight loss counseling. . .
I was a foodie with no clean eating habits. The only thing I thought about was Burgers Pizza Chocolates and fried.

Prior to MHB I have tried many different ways and nutritionists to lose weight and have always failed. Gaurav has been one person who had the patience to listen what I wasn’t able to achieve and then advise. If Plan A didn’t work for me he always knew there are 25 more letters and was always ready with an alternate for me.

Initially I wasn’t loosing weight and getting upset over it. However every time he used to tell me don’t worry it takes time sometimes but results would come.

And I am glad I followed what he said coz Every word that he said has become a truth I was never ready to believe could happen with me.
I am a changed person and I have started loving myself more. ” – Megha Sharma


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