Ipseeta’s Weight Loss Transformation

Name: Ipseeta
Total Weight Loss: 8 Kgs (67 – 59 Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“I had been trying to lose weight for almost an year now. I used to lose around 3-4kgs but eventually gained it back once I leave my fancy diet.

I started searching for some help on instagram and came across MHB. I went through all the client transformation stories and thought of giving it a try. There happened to be some constant posts regarding weight loss myths, lots and lots of reels that actually depicted my real life situations.

I eventually texted the MHB team asking about their plans and thought of enrolling and specifically asked to have Neha as my buddy🙈

She called me the very next day and I explained her my concerns and #eatinghabits. To my relief she explained me how they don’t believe in fancy diets. She was very patient to explain everything to me and set up my health goals with my choice of foods 😍

The diet was very flexible, and trust me easy to cook too. I didn’t get any food cravings or was ever left starving just to reach my desired weight goal.

She encouraged me to continue this lifestyle even in these worst conditions. I remember her saying that “I am preparing you to handle all these tough situations because weight loss journey won’t be this straight and there will be challenges that you need to face and I know you can definitely overcome them.”Her faith in me just helped me to work harder.

More than physical transformation, I had a behavioral transformation and my relationship with food actually became better. Neha just taught me how to get into a sustainable diet along with eating what you like, but in moderate quantity. She used to give me a day off instead of just giving a cheat meal. She taught me how to love the process of staying fit without starving😘”




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