Ishita’s 7Kgs Weight Loss Journey During Lockdown

Name: Ishita
Total Weight Loss: 7Kgs
Duration: 12 weeks


“How do I start explaining my MHB journey with you? Ummmmm. Let me give it a try!

First suggestion is to replace the word “Coach” as “Friend” because that’s how you always behaved and helped me. Listening to every word patiently and giving me “scientific”explainations of the same and Nothing random.

I’ve always been on a heavier side and I was never bothered about my weight or my appearance. But lockdown 2020 changed my perspective towards just everything. More so because it highlighted the importance of a healthy body.

How in overnight it became the “Survival of the Fittest”. Greater immunity/healthy body became directly proportional to the ability to fight the virus.

Initially, during the lockdown, like everyone else there were dalgona coffees, biryanis, pizza, cakes, etc. being made in full swing and it resulted in nothing but a blatant increase of mumber on the scale.

Thats when I decided to take charge of my health and focus on lifestyle change rather than just reducing kilos and inches. I came accross this page on Instagram and started my journey.

You’ve inculcated the importance of mindful eating. inspite of being off diet for almost a month and a half, I still managed to reduce weight and inches. All thanks to you because I knew exactly how my plate should look. Bigger thankyou because you understood all the situations and did not make me feel guilty about it. Tried to give alternate solutions and it actually worked.

You’ve not only touched my life but also of many people whom I keep on educating on how food should be measured and importance of protein 😁

Thankyou for making me realise how small small changes in life help us to achieve bigger goals in life. I’m surely far far away from my ideal weight or body structure, but I’m very very determined to achieve the same.”




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