Jeet Patel Drops 25Kgs In Just 12 Weeks

Name: Jeet Patel
TotalWeight Loss: 25Kgs (108Kgs – 83Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“First of all I would like say a big Thank you to PARTHAV (Paul) my coach and a constant motivator all the time. I still remember looking at various posts on MHB Insta page and thinking will I be able to feature on that page ever. That is when I got in touch with Gail and she recommended a Gujarati coach Parthav (Paul).

I had put on lots of KG’s when I came to Canada and lock down in 2020 didn’t help it either. I was at Size XL and weighed 108 kg when I started with Coach Parthav.

As a full time student, I work part time in Pizza Shop and always surrounded by good food 😊. Parthav designed the diet in a way where I could eat the cooked food from the Pizza place and home cooked food in the evening or in morning. Every time I will ask questions – coach will hear me out and answer and clear all my doubts.

Now after 3 months everyone is asking what happened, but without Coach Parthav’s constant regular check-ins and motivation it would not have been possible for me to be this light and fit.

I know the innings are not over yet and I have a long way to go as coach says fitness is a TEST match and not 2020 or One day. This is just the beginning of the the Test Match.

I am feeling extremely light and energy levels are now at next level after losing 25 Kg’s in 3 months without Starving myself. I am currently weighing 83kg and wearing size M T-shirt.

Thank you once again MHB, Gail and lastly Coach Parthav (Paul) without him this would not have been possible to reach 83 kg from 108 kg in 3 months… 😊 🙏🙏🙏”




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