Juilee Lost 8 Kgs Without Quitting Her Favourite Food !

Client Name: Juilee Pawar
Total weight loss: 8 kgs (67-59 Kgs)
Duration: 3 months



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“Magic happens at MHB”

It took me just 15 days to realise that I can lose weight without giving up my favourite foods, without lifting weights or running on treadmill for hours! What a wonderful journey of 3 months this has been with MHB!

When I came across MHB on Instagram, I was fascinated by reading people’s weight loss journeys and seeing their transformation pics. Being a hardcore foodie, I always having that self-doubt about dedication required to follow diet plans. But with MHB, I never felt like I am on any dietplan! I lost 8 kgs in last 3 months without giving up any of my favourite food! That’s no less than a magic, isn’t it?

I can’t thank you enough to my fitness coach Shivangi. She has created very well structured fitness plan for me. It was very easy to understand and follow. But her constant support and motivation was the key part of this entire journey. She taught me to take baby steps each day to reach my goal. Let me be honest, I was not 100% every day. But Shivangi used to appreciate every little thing which I do differently in a day. She was all ears whenever I was low mentally or emotionally. In her, I got one best friend and sweet sister. She not just helped me for weight loss, but helped me to become more focused and confident. She taught me to ignore all the negativity around me and stay motivated no matter what.

I recommend MHB to everyone who is looking for simplified and healthier weight loss journey and even highly recommend Shivangi as a fitness coach!”


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