Kaberi Drops 25 Kgs In Just 1 Year [Watch Now]


It feels like destiny😅 I will always be grateful to MHB, specially Abhishek for guiding me and Vivek for introducing me to all this..

1 year and I am a person I was never ever in my life. I am a new person now. 1 year back I was giving myself a last try to change that life long image of cute clumsy girl of mine and here I am so much determined to be a lean person which seems so much possible now.

And in this journey Abhishek and his techniques never made me feel m on diet. Actually I was not😁 I had everything I like, I still have, but I learnt the trick of energy balance, learn it n you can do magic.. only thing you need is patience which Abhishek always reminded me to have 🤭

Everyone around me including me is just amazed to meet this new person.

But fitness is a journey and has to be a habit, then it will never end and never change.M so glad n greatful to have achieved so much and learnt so much..


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