Kanika Sheds 16 Kgs Of Postpartum Weight

Client Name: Kanika Bhardwaj
Total Weight Loss: 16 Kgs (78 to 62 Kgs)
Duration: 24 weeks



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“This is in continuation with my journey with Neha , 6 months back I joined MHB to shed my post pregnancy weight and also to fight the health problems that came with it.
I was assigned Neha k as coach.

I assumed it would be very tough to lose the weight, given I could not go on a diet or go to the gym as I’m lactating mom. However my buddy Neha K gave me complete confidence. She understood the stress a woman’s body undergo and what are the body’s requirements as a lactating mother, and made a plan with a normal diet and easy, at-home exercises for me.

I am truly amazed as how 6 months of consistency results in. I am really happy that I decided to join MHB again.

I lost 16 kgs and the best part is I was feeding my baby through & through …I ran, I play with my baby ..I enjoyed every moment in this program ..not for a bit I felt I am doing diet.

I understand its not about weight loss its about working on your strength and fatloss is inevitable ..its a by product of process & weight is just a number on scale as Neha says…

Thankyou Neha and Thankyou Myhealthbuddy🤗🤗”


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