Kavya’s Quest For A Healthier Lifestyle

Client Name – Kavya
Total weight loss – 13 kgs (79-66 Kgs)
Duration – 20 weeks



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“I wanna start with saying what a wonderful journey these 5 months have been. Inspite of facing a lot of challenges in between, I was able to reach my goal with Binita’s help. She has not just been my coach but also a friend too. She has pushed me at times when I have felt demotivated.

The journey has not been easy but has been definitely worth it. I feel confidence not just in my clothes but in my own skin. It has helped me be more confident in all aspects.

This is not something am gonna stop here but I have learnt how right nutrition and excercise can not only make your physical health better but mental health too.

I needed the push and now I have the drive in me to continue being fit. All thanks to my health buddy and my coach Binita’s right guidance and motivation.

A big Thank you with all my heart❤️”


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