Komala’s Weight Loss Journey With MHB

Name: Komala
Total Weight Loss: 7 Kgs (60 – 53 Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“In last 10 years I actually tried N number of weight loss methods through many institutions like in V3 Slimcare, Body science, consulted Doctors – they use different vibrating machines for massaging on tummy part, applied hot pack, wrapped my stomach part with electric heating pads to sweat.

And the big risk was to take injections on my tummy to reduce belly fat( prescribed by a famous reputed doctor). Also tried dietitians who suggested exercises walking and a low calorie diet with big food chart that to avoid eating….

Tried having personal trainers in a gym who at beginning gave me heavy exercise and made me quit with lots of pain and muscle tear. All these methods were temporary and At last as a side effect of all these try- I ended up with THYROID.

Then one fine day I went through MyHealthBuddy in Instagram and read feedbacks of many clients. I was impressed with their transformation. So wanted to have a last try.

I joined MHB on April 22nd- was introduced to My trainer Anubhav, who really helped me out and made me understand the concept of weight loss in healthy way and to maintain the same number by eating what I like.

My husband and daughter are impressed with my transformation. I now feel energetic, always active like 25 years old and I sleep well.

Mr. Anubhav, I sincerely appreciate your valuable Support and you always kept me motivated. Thanks for pushing me to achieve incredible results in 3 months. Now with my guidance my niece has reduced 2.5kgs in 3 weeks.

I’m very thankful to MHB and my buddy Mr.Anubhav for making me feel young again.

Thanks a lot”




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