KP Prateesh’s Inspiring Weight Loss Transformation

Name: KP Prateesh
Total Weight Loss: 9Kgs (89Kgs – 80Kgs)
Duration: 12 Weeks


“Like most others, I was also carried away with myths about weight loss until I met my trainer Nimit from MyHealthBuddy.

Here are the aspects I liked about my trainer and the programme.

1) The trainer patiently listens to your current lifestyle,food habits,snacking habits,resources such as weights/dumbells/gym etc and understands your goal, then sets up the meal plan and exercises.

2) Explains in simple terms about the science behind weightloss and why & how things work the way they do.

3) Accountability – This is the most important of all – Daily checks on water in-take, workout status, meal plan and other targets like step count.

4) Availability – The trainer responded almost instantly for all my queries. Not just stop gap replies like ‘I will get back to you’ or ‘Will check and respond’. He actually responds with the answer or a clarification to your question.

My programme was for 90 days. About one month after beginning, I had to undergo a major surgery on my right knee and my surgeon adviced bed-rest for about 4 weeks with NO weightbearing for 16 weeks. I could not do any workout due to this, but stricly followed the meal plan provided by Nimit. I cannot believe my own eyes, I’ve reached my goal of 80 kgs which is the lowest I have been in the last 10 years.

I would highly recommend MyHealthBuddy to everyone that is ready to give in a 100% and wants to create a lifestyle change.

I thank Nimit and MyHealthBuddy for all the support :)”




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