Kritika’s Postpartum Weight Loss Journey

Client Name: Kritika P
Total weight loss: 12 Kgs (69-57 Kgs)
Duration: 12 weeks



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Hi Mussarat my post pregnancy weight loss journey has been so smooth all because of you. Its been a wonderful experience with MHB and a coach like you.

I still remember our first conversation it was like I am talking to a well known friend, your deit plan was awesome, home cooked food, nuts, fruits even dessert was also in my daily dietplan.

Being a new mom I was not able to follow the workout plan on regular basis but my coach was always there to motivate me and she never let me feel disheartened,the result are so satisfying.

One day I came across MHB on insta and their was quite convincing, post pregnancy weight loss results were so amazing that I didn’t wait for so long to start my fat to fit ride with MHB. I have learnt that skipping meals are not the only solution for weight loss. Calorie Deficit is the key to success. Thanks Mussarat and MHB for making this transformation journey a wonderful one.


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